daydream EP

by Ciele

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Daydream EP
[A little pocket of folk-pop sweetness.]

When I'm not making music, I'm daydreaming about making music.

Special Thanks to Sam Weber, Chris Ho, Rob Phillips, Mike Edel, Robin Friesen, and Adam Sutherland for their contributions to this EP.


released September 10, 2013

All songs written by Ciele
*except 'Daydream', written by Ciele and Jesse Owens

Produced By Sam Weber
Mastered By Adam Sutherland



all rights reserved


Ciele Vancouver, British Columbia


Social everywhere > @xociele

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Track Name: daydream (f. chris ho)
Stay here, amidst the vibrant memories of our youth
Recite the stories of old
Building blocks that scrape the sky and stand so tall as proof
as reality unfolds
piece by piece the puzzle shows us meaning in the truth,
when our faith is lost
between the lines, we find the words we wanted them to use
to melt the bite of the frost.

And now, time is passing leaves are falling
falling to the ground and I want to go
roll down the hill outside the house where I grew up
look at the sky so blue
shake off the dirt that stained the bottom of my shirt
and pick a dandelion
find all the magic in the things that we believed and know that

I am fine.
Track Name: home (f. mike edel)
Take me down to the place where I call Home
To the prairies where I lay my head in the tall, tall grass
and the roads that keep me driving on and on
through the fields where my heart is still and my breath is calm
and the wind is singing softly to my song

Home is the place that I go, it's where I run to.
Home is the place that I know, its where I come from.

Take me home, I wanna go home.
Track Name: in the air
You only get one chance if I missed it/I hope I don't live to regret it
and if I missed it how do I know/ what it was I was looking for

cuz its not fair, when its all up, up in the air.

I close my eyes and count to three/ I hope its all make believe
cuz this ache in my heart won't cease/ and i'm starting to feel uneasy

cuz it's not fair, when it's all up, up in the air.

Hey little twister in my heart, can't you see you're tearing my apart?
with your steely eye, and your gusty wind
can't you see its marking up my skin?
And its not okay, and its not alright, and its not fair.

cuz it's not fair, when it's all up, up in the air.